We offer comprehensive solutions to all your business’ CSI concerns: 

Project development and consultation

Assessment of current CSI projects

We research your existing CSI projects and evaluate their impact. We will present our findings to you and provide consultation on how to fine-tune them in order to get the most out of the current budget and resources attributed to it.


CSI Project development

Your company does not yet have a CSI project, but wants to get started? You may provide us with some guiding criteria, such as your budget, a social cause or field you would like to take on, or your desired form of involvement. We do the research, find or create projects that link in with your core business activity and present them to you.



CSI Project management 

Once a project is developed, we save you the time and resources to manage it by facilitating the project on your behalf. We will provide you with regular evaluation and progress reports which ensure you are closely involved in and always up to date with your CSI projects.


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