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Sustainability is simply good business practice. Business operations have huge impacts (mostly negative) on the environment, and with increasing concern by stakeholders such as investors, consumers and NGOs, companies need to prioritize sustainable practices. It sounds complicated because it is. Implemenation is time consuming and labour intensive as it includes […]

Sustainable Business = Good Business

Why is a CSI policy necessary?  For the same reason you need any policy – to provide guidance and clarity to the practices (and contributions) of a business. What does a CSI policy cover?  A good CSI or CSR policy includes the following elements: Who you are & what matters […]

Your CSI Policy:

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper… some of us are lucky enough to enjoy at least 3 out of the 4 meals above. Our counterparts however, are not as lucky.   There are millions of South Africans who go hungry every day. In 2015, UNICEF indicated that 75,000 children do not make […]